Glimpse – an Android app released

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I’m proud to release Glimpse, the brand new Android application. It’s an innovative communicator that uses GPS and NFC technologies to connect to people around.

Glimpse is available at Google Play.




How can Glimpse app help me?

Starting new friendships with people you pass everyday is not awkward any more. When you catch a glimpse of an interesting person on a bus, on a street or in a pub, connect with him/her in an easy and discrete way.


How does it work?

When both you and another person nearby touch the glimpse sign simultaneously there will be new contacts added to both your and his/her chat list in Glimpse app (thanks to GPS technology).

When Glimpse is running and your smartphone touches another device, new contacts are also created (using NFC).

This method may also be used to share Glimpse app – if one of the persons doesn’t have Glimpse installed on his/her smartphone it will be automatically downloaded from Google Play and installed.


Credits (graphics used in the app’s screenshots):
Business photograph designed by Pressfoto –

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